Pet Travel Made Easier: Top 10 U.S. Pet Friendly Airports

Top US Pet Friendly AirportsWhen planning a trip with your pet that involves air travel, ensuring a happy and safe flying experience for your four-legged flier is your top priority. You've spent ample time researching the most pet friendly hotels that will best suit your furry companion, but you're concerned about their comfort and safety during the whole process of flying.

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Pet Travel Survey Reveals Increase in Automobile Safety Precautions

Pet Safety RestraintWant to go for a ride? Those six little words are often music to a dog's ears. Whether you're bringing them to the local dog park, on vacation, or to visit friends and family, most dogs enjoy a road trip. You probably ensure that you and your human family are buckled up before you go, but are you also keeping your pet safe when they are riding in the car with you?

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Pet Friendly Travel: The RV Edition

Rving with Your PetFor those of you who already own an RV, you know that it gives you the best of both worlds: the freedom of the open road while traveling with the amenities of home. RV owners love the ability to explore the world on their own terms and there are many more people hopping on the RV train. Recreational Vehicle sales for 2010 are already at $559.1 million dollars, up an astonishing 79% from last year.

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Discriminating Pet Travelers: Poll Reveals their Preferences and Habits

Discriminating Pet TravelersThere are more pets than people in the U.S. In fact, Americans own more pets than ever before. Approximately 62% of American households now own a pet, which is the highest level in recorded history. Approximately 78% of them are hitting the road and skies each year with their furry friends.

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Pet Travel on a Budget

Pet Travel on a BudgetSummer is finally upon us and it's time to make those fun vacation plans for the whole family, including your furry best friend. We're all keeping an eye on our finances these days and looking for ways to stretch our dollars.

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How to Help Pets During Disasters

Help Pets During DisasterIn recent years, we've seen many disasters wreak havoc in different parts of the world: the tsunami in Thailand, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, and the earthquake in Haiti, just to name a few. As pet lovers, our hearts do double-duty, going out to both the people involved as well as their displaced pets.

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