Cocktails and Wagging Tails: The Country's Best Yappy Hours

Dog Friendly Restaurants with Yappy HourAll over the United States, dog friendly restaurants, bars and hotels are embracing the idea of Yappy Hour – a dog friendly cocktail hour where pooches and their owners can socialize and enjoy drinks, treats, and delicious “yappetizers.” W

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Getting Around Town with your Four-Legged Friend: A Guide to Pet Friendly Public Transportation

If pet travel by car with your furry best friend isn’t a possibility, or if you’d just like to see the city sights together in a brand new way, there are many bus lines, subways and trains in cities across the country and in Canada that accommodate pets.

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The Dangers of Dogs Riding in Pickup Truck Beds

Dangers of Dogs Riding in Truck BedsYou may see it quite often as you're driving around town: dogs riding in the back of trucks. You might even know someone who does it. Why not? It seems so convenient to just load your dog up in the back and take them with you.

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Health and Healing for All: North Carolina State University Helps Bridge the Gap Between Animal and Human Medicine

From California sea lions, to horses, to treasured feline and canine family members, the North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, or CVM, works tirelessly to maintain the health and wellness of animals, and to search

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How to "Curb" Car Sickness in Puppies and Dogs

Pet Friendly Travel - Car SicknessMuch like humans, dogs and puppies can also experience a feeling of illness while on car trips.  This car sickness can make pet travel, whether short or long, quite an ordeal for dogs and their families.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your dog in the

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Get a $10 Gift Card When You Book With Us!

Pet Friendly HotelsBook select pet friendly hotels on and we'll email you a $10 E-Gift Coupon Card to use at our online pet store for any product purchase of $35 or mo

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Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

Teaching Your Dog to Come When CalledAuthor:  Elsa Larsen, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer | Owner: My Wonderful Dog.  Half the fun of going to a dog friendly beach

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What It Takes To Be A Responsible Pet Parent

Author: Monica Reyes
Responsible Pet ParentingMy life is definitely full of responsibilities. I juggle being a full-time student and working as a Raw Pet Food Specialist for a natural healthy dog food company - all the while raising a 2-year old son and caring for both a 6-year old cat and our new 8-month old puppy. (Sounds like a lot to take on? Well it sure can be at times!)

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The Do's of Safe, Pet Friendly Boating

Boating with Your PetWith boating season in high gear it's a good time for a little refresher on pet friendly boating to ensure your little one is safe. Before hitting the high seas with your pet it's important to plan ahead and always keep the best interests of your four-legged friend in mind. Boating with your pet can be a wonderful and bonding experience or a not so pleasant one.

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Scoping Out your Dog’s Poop: What Your Pet's “Business” Can Tell You About His Health

Scoping out Your Dog's PoopWhile it may feel a little uncomfortable and a little gross to get up-close and personal with your dog's poop, it’s worth it, as it can help give you a window into his overall health.