The “Paw-Fect” Wedding: Four Tips on Sharing Your Wedding with Fido

Wedding with DogWhat better way to celebrate the union of two people in love than to include a cherished four-legged family member?

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Searching for Pet Friendly Dining? Start Here

Pet Friendly RestaurantsRALEIGH, NC - July 9, 2013 - Bringing your best canine buddy along with you for a quick bite just got a little easier.

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Brownie's Story

While I love pit bulls as much as I love all other dogs, I’ve never been in the trenches of those fighting to reverse the stigma from pit bulls. That wasn’t what made me so determined to rescue Brownie. In fact, I wasn’t completely sure at first why I felt so extraordinarily compelled to come to this dog’s aid. However, now that I look back, I truly believe I was destined to find her, and meant to help her, and perhaps to lend my voice to the “bully breed” cause.

Pet Travel Safety Takes a Front Seat as Partnership Kicks Off Summer Safety Campaign

Pet Travel Safety CampaignRALEIGH, NC – July 1, 2013 - In an effort to bring pet travel safety to the forefront of pet owners’ minds this summer, will be partnering with the AKC Canine Health Foundation, or CHF, to launch the Safe Summer Pet Travel Campaign.

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Pets and Distracted Driving: What You Need to Know

Pet Vehicle RestraintsWhen we hear the term “distracted driving,” most of us think of the obvious culprits - eating, putting on makeup, talking on the phone, texting, or rummaging for a dropped object on the car floor.   However, few of us consider the driving distraction leaving our furry friends unsecured can cause.

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Dogs That Bark In the Car - What To Do?

Dogs that Bark in the CarAuthor:  Elsa Larsen, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer | Owner: My Wonderful Dog.

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Dog's Head Out the Car Window - A Dangerous Habit

Pet Vehicle SafetyFor most pups, the best part of a car ride is feeling the breeze in their furry faces as they stick their head out the window. Despite the feel good nature of this pleasurable experience, it's actually a very dangerous habit.

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Sherpa Pet Carriers: Travel with Peace of Mind

Sherpa Pet CarriersEach year, over 25 million people travel with their pets, whether on the interstate or around the globe. But fur couldn’t always fly…comfortably, anyway. As short as 20 years ago, pets were not allowed to travel in-cabin on any airline in the United States.

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4 Reasons to Give Your Pet a Natural Diet

By Nature Dog FoodThe benefits of a natural diet are well documented. And while people used to think less about what they were feeding their pet, more and more are looking to give their pets the kind of nutrition they demand for themselves. It’s one of the things that separates us pet parents from pet owners!

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Top 5 Skills to Teach Your Dog - Part 2

Dog TrainingAuthor:  Elsa Larsen, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer | Owner: My Wonderful Dog.  Now that we've covered some of the things that may influence how you train in Part I, let’s talk about what to train.

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