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Jane in Albany wrote 3 years 12 weeks ago

My husband and I and our

My husband and I and our 12-year-old Golden Retriever just returned from 4 nights at Gabriel's in Provincetown, MA. We selected it because 1) it was recommended by a colleague who traveled with her dog; and 2) of all the B&Bs and hotels in P-town that allow dogs, they seemed the most genuinely dog-(and cat-) friendly. I got my first good impression after we'd made reservations, when the owner mailed me a photo of the front (three) stairs to the building our room was in, since I told her he had difficulty with a lot of stairs (he has some arthritis and stairs can be challenging). It was reassuring since I could see that the stairs are wide and not steep, and in fact he had no trouble at all with them after we arrived. When we checked in, we were shown where the neighboring park, poop bag dispensers and trash cans were. Obviously, someone with their own dog has designed this setup--it's very convenient to take your dog out. And although the park, which is right next door, is used by a lot of guests with dogs, apparently everyone practices good "dog owner etiquette" as I did not see any dog poop anywhere in the park. When we opened the door to our room (actually a suite with two fireplaces and a full kitchen), someone had laid out a fleece dog bed and food and water bowls for our dog. By the time we left, I had no doubt that if we had needed a leash, dog food or even an emergency vet consult, the owners--who have two dogs and live on site--would have been willing and able to help us. Another thing I liked about Gabriel's is that it feels inclusive and comfortable there. Unlike lots of places in P-town, children are welcome. If you're thirsty at 11PM, the great room in the main house is open and stocked with (complimentary) juices, cookies and, of course, dog treats. The breakfast, prepared by their excellent chef, Jeanne, is delicious, and we found many elegant touches both in our room and the main house. Needless to say, when we walked our dog, everyone at the Inn was friendly to him (which was nice, since a Golden loves attention). He was even welcome in the main house. There is no question that Gabriel's is an excellent choice for pet owners.

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