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Pets On-the-Move: A Moving Guide for Pets

Pets On-the-Move: A Moving Guide for Pets

There are many details to take care of when getting ready to move. Planning for a move is much more of a daunting task than planning a trip. Packing, finding your new home, selling your old home, getting the kids enrolled in a new school, address changes - the list is endless. And of course, you've got to make all the arrangements for four-legged family members.  Pets On-the-Move: A Moving Guide for Pets will help you navigate through your move with your special family member!

  • Search By Route:  This is perfect for those families driving to their new homes and need to know where they can stop with their pets along the way.  Simply enter the departure and destination cities and a list of all the pet friendly hotels (and other pet friendly properties) within a 3 or 5 mile radius of the route are returned.
  • Pet Relocation Services:  If the move is international or cross-country, or if flying or driving with your pet just isn't an option, a pet relocation service may be a wise choice. This section provides information about securing a reputable company.
  • Airline Pet Policies:  There are a lot of regulations regarding flying with pets. This section displays a list of airlines and directly links to that specific airline's policies.
  • Pet Moving Essentials:  You name it - pet travel crates and kennels, pet seat belts, vehicle pet barriers, and pet car seats! Find all the essentials you'll need to move with your pet at the TWP Store.


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