The “Paw-Fect” Wedding: Four Tips on Sharing Your Wedding with Fido

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TWP Blog » Tips For Sharing Wedding With Dog

The “Paw-Fect” Wedding: Four Tips on Sharing Your Wedding with Fido

Wedding with DogWhat better way to celebrate the union of two people in love than to include a cherished four-legged family member? Pets are often an integral part of a couple’s love story, and engaged couples are increasingly making their pooches part of the ceremony, with adorable and heartwarming results.  If your dream wedding includes Fido, we have some tips on how best to have him there by your side on the most important day of your life.

Tip #1: Consider your dog’s temperament
If your dog doesn’t like crowds, becomes nervous in new situations, or is very energetic, he—and ultimately, you--may not have the best time at your wedding.  You may be able to work around your dog’s quirks if you find a venue that suits his needs, or only have him take part in the wedding for a brief time. But if his temperament really isn’t suitable for your celebration, it may be best to honor him in other ways, like including him in a special wedding photo, or crafting some dog-themed wedding accessories with his name or photo on them.

Tip #2: Choose the right venues
Make things easier on yourself by thoroughly researching your preferred ceremony and reception venues to make sure they are dog friendly, and suitable for your particular dog (a large or energetic dog in a small, enclosed space may be a problem, for example). Dogs are not legally allowed in restaurants due to health codes, and many other indoor places have a no-dog policy. Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of indoor and outdoor venues that will welcome your pet—you just need to dig a little to find them.

Tip #3: Put a responsible person on dog duty
You will be quite busy on your special day. Enlist someone—possibly a dog-loving niece or nephew—to walk your dog before the wedding, walk him down the aisle if need be, and watch him to make sure he has plenty of water and isn’t helping himself to tidbits from the dinner service, or being fed something he shouldn’t eat by well-meaning guests. If your dog is only going to play a small role in the wedding, you may also need someone to shuttle your pooch back home.

Tip #4: Be flexible, and have fun!
Like small children, dogs are unpredictable. No matter how many precautions you take, there is no guarantee that your pooch won’t try to mark a something in the middle of the ceremony, become very interested in a guest’s perfume, try to sneak a treat from the buffet table, or simply decide he’d rather sit stubbornly than bring the ring to the altar. Be prepared to roll with the punches, and—whether things go off without a hitch or Fido insists on jumping in Great Aunt Matilda’s lap and knocking her drink over—know that your day will be more memorable and special because you included your dog.

(Photograph courtesy of Anna Oakley)



Deb wrote 1 year 7 weeks ago

I'm a wedding planner and we

I'm a wedding planner and we now offer these services.
Karny wrote 1 year 7 weeks ago

Terrific suggestions.

Terrific suggestions. Thinking about renewing vows and wanted to include our dog. :)
Susan wrote 1 year 7 weeks ago

This is so helpful. Planning

This is so helpful. Planning a wedding for next summer and wanted to include my two pugs.

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