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Kurgo Wander Pack is for Pets 30-85 lbs! Get your dog prepared for a hike on the trails or trip around town. The Kurgo Wander Pack is built strong to withstand rugged outdoor condition yet functional for a day trip. The ergonomic padded spine support contours to the dogs back for a comfortable fit and provides weight distribution for the two saddlebags.
With over 74.8 million dogs and 88.3 million cats living in households in the United States (source: American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey), it's clear that our furry friends are much more than just “friends” – they are beloved members of our families.
More than likely, you've got a first aid kit in your home in case something happens to someone in your family. And, since all areas are susceptible to disasters, you hopefully may even have a disaster kit prepared if the need arises. At the very least, you have the makings of one in your medicine cabinet: band aids, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, etc. But what about for your pet?
It's commonplace for you to see people taking their dogs for a walk around your neighborhood. But what would you think if you saw a dog being pushed in a stroller? You read that right – a stroller! Even though it may seem a little strange, there are a growing number of pet parents who are now using strollers to transport their beloved dogs.
After a long, hard day at work, wouldn't it be a nice stress reliever to get outside and take a walk - ¦with your cat? It sounds pretty strange but there are people out there who have a harness and leash made especially for their felines so that they don't miss out on going outside and getting some exercise.
Moving to a new home can be just as stressful on the family pet as it is on you. Have you researched pet friendly hotels for stops along the way? Does your pet have a new ID tag? Here are some pet travel  tips to keep your little friend happy and safe on moving day.
There are many details to take care of when getting ready for pet travel on an upcoming trip. Should I fly or drive with my four-legged friend? Are there any pet friendly hotels where we're going? Have I packed everything he's going to need? It's extremely important that everything is taken care of ahead of time to make sure he has a stress-free adventure.
Bags packed? Check. Pet friendly hotels researched and reserved? Check. Fido's passport ready? Wait a minute a passport for your pet? Maybe. We know it takes some preparation to travel with your pet, but if you're planning a trip overseas there are some extra bases to cover in order to be ready.
When planning a trip with your pet that involves air travel, ensuring a happy and safe flying experience for your four-legged flier is your top priority. You've spent ample time researching the most pet friendly hotels that will best suit your furry companion, but you're concerned about their comfort and safety during the whole process of flying.
Want to go for a ride? Those six little words are often music to a dog's ears. Whether you're bringing them to the local dog park, on vacation, or to visit friends and family, most dogs enjoy a road trip. You probably ensure that you and your human family are buckled up before you go, but are you also keeping your pet safe when they are riding in the car with you?