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Watching a dog enjoy a car ride is a true delight. His head is up, the wind is blowing through his fur, and there is an unmistakable look of pure happiness on his face. You can’t help but smile, because you know that feeling of unadulterated bliss. But what is it about car rides that fills dogs with so much joy?
If you’re planning to travel long distance, and you’d like to include your pet, your travel options are unfortunately very limited. You may wonder whether flying is the right choice for your trip.
More and more hotels and accommodations are opening their doors to pet travelers and hanging a sign that says “Pet Friendly.”  The truth of the matter is that they have to do more than that to get four-legged guests and their people to come through their doors.
The New Year is upon us.  It’s time to reflect upon the past year and determine what we want to achieve, change or do better in 2014.   This applies to all aspects of our lives – including our pets. surveyed pet parents and asked them what resolutions they’ve made for 2014 pertaining to their pets.
Author:  Elsa Larsen, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer | Owner: My Wonderful Dog.  When I first started thinking about what I might write for this article, I spent some time re-reading Ray and Lorna Coppinger’s lovely book “Dogs: A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior
Winterize my house - check, winterize my car - check, winterize my pet - what?  With the full wrath of winter upon us - arctic winds, plummeting temps, snow and freezing rain (ugh), have you taken the time to be sure that your pet is winterized?  That is, prepared for the frigid temps and all that goes along with it?   Take note of these special precautions and tip
With the holiday season upon us, many pet parents are planning to gather friends and family for fun festive parties.  Keep in mind that although you might be ready to ‘Deck the Halls’, your four-legged friend may not be.   Jingle Bells, Figgy Pudding and Tannenbaum create the perfect recipe for misbehav
Pretty much nothing makes pet parents happier then when other people show love for their furry friends. Which is why finding a business that’s not just tolerant of their pets, but friendly to them is such a win for them.
Dog parks and pet friendly places abound across the United States. However, just off the beaten path, tucked away from plain sight, there are some really fantastic spots that don’t just welcome dogs, but make them part of the travel experience in a unique way. We’ve sniffed out 10 of these hidden gems for you. Plan your next trip around them, or make them a destination all their own!  
If your dog is like most dogs, she’s happy to tag along with you wherever you go – even if she doesn’t find all of your destinations so thrilling. And, let’s face it  while your dog may love the dog park, and you’re more than happy to take her, watching her sniff trees isn’t the most fun you could be having on a Saturday afternoon.