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Taking a road trip with your pet? Have a cat that hates the car? Thinking about flying the friendly skies with Rover? Looking for tips for staying at pet friendly accommodations? We invite you to peruse our blog where you'll find informative posts on these topics and many others.

We'll give you tips, tricks, and inspiration on all things pet travel! Plus, we've thrown in some posts that will help when you're hanging out at home with your best friend, like pet health and safety, dog training & behavior, and even yummy dog treat recipes.

Surprising Chains Stores that Allow Pets. By Kim Salerno
Top picks for portable pet water containers for your dog. By Kim Salerno
With the weather heating up, it's time to start checking out some dog friendly beaches with your four-legged friend!  For most dogs, getting to run around in the sand, dip into the waves, and fetch balls out of the water is the best day ever!
It is estimated that 85% of dogs over 5 years old suffer from periodontal disease.  That’s a huge number!  This disease can become very serious and threaten the overall health of your dog.   The good news is th
Summertime is the time for a great road trip. For some people, the perfect summer getaway means a trip to the beach or a drive through the mountains. For others it means a leisurely tour through wine country.
While we all love hitting the road with family, friends, or a significant other for a road trip, there are times when we have to admit that the best possible travel companions may happen to have four legs and fur.
More and more often, people are choosing to take their furry best friends along as they travel. This fact has not gone unnoticed by businesses. Pet friendly business practices are taking root everywhere, from banks who open their doors to pets, to restaurants with special menus for dogs, to hotels that greet each pooch with a thoughtful canine welcome basket.
The Fourth of July is one of the most stressful and potentially dangerous times of the year for pets.  While you and your family, friends, and neighbors are celebrating the holiday with fireworks, pets are finding these festive activities anything but celebratory.
By Elsa Larsen, Dog Behaviorist & Trainer,  Owner My Wonderful Dog
A leisurely walk is an activity both people and dogs can appreciate. It’s a great way to take in some sunshine, get in some exercise, and explore what’s new in the neighborhood. However, the fun can turn to frustration if your dog is determined to pull on the leash, and you can never quite figure out who is walking who.