Affinia Hotels Pet Policy

Affinia Hotels Pet Policy

Affinia Hotels understand the importance of great travel companions. So book a stay with them for you and your pet!

Pet Policy: There is a $50 pet fee per stay for all hotels in New York City. The DC location charges $25. Up to 2 pets allowed. It is recommended that you confirm accommodations for your pet with the hotel one week before arrival. Try not to leave your pet unattended in your room for long periods, and never overnight. Should your pet inadvertently cause any damage, you will be charged a minimum of $250 for cleaning or repairs.

Pet Amenities:  VIPaws is the perfect way to give your pet extra love at Affinia. The VIPaws pet friendly hotel program is designed to accommodate your pet’s every need. You’ll get necessities to keep him or her comfortable and content, plus everything you need to go exploring. The program also includes a $10 donation to the Humane Society.

The VIPaws program includes: food and water bowls, an oversized pet bed from the New York shop Jax & Bones, a choice between three Jax & Bones rope toys of various strengths for your dog, or a toy for your cat, dog stairs (if you need them), a door hanger to let hotel staff know when your pet is in the room, and discounts on neighborhood pet products and services. Plus! these supplies for dog walks: treats, waste bag dispensers for leashes, walking mags with dog friendly destinations.

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