America's Best Value Inn Pet Policy

America's Best Value Inn Pet Policy

America's Best Value Inn is an economy hotel chain that welcomes travelers when they're on the go! For convenience, they are typically located along highways and popular travel routes.

America's Best Value Inn is part of Red Lion Hotels Corporation and are devoted to providing pet parents with affordable and quality accommodations when they are traveling.  They pride themselves on staying true to American values and believe in simplicity, friendliness, and honesty. And as their name states...provide their guests with the best value!  When booking a stay at America's Best Value Inn, you can expect a comfortable bed, friendly staff, and warm welcome.  The perfect place for you and your pet to "hang your hats" for the night!

Pet Policy:  Each individual America's Best Value Inn location determines their own pet policy.  That means that not all hotels allow pets.  And those that do have varying pet policies in regard to pet fees, number of pets allowed, and pet weight limit.  However, pet fees are very affordable and typically average about $10/pet per night. 

You can find their pet friendly locations, as well as their specific pet policies right here!

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