Pet Friendly Wineries in Kentucky

Pet Friendly Wineries in Kentucky

It doesn't get much better than spending an afternoon sipping wine and spending time with your dog! You'll get to do both when you visit a dog friendly winery in Kentucky. They welcome pooches and their pet parents in the outdoor seating areas, with many even allowing dogs inside their tasting rooms. Cheers to the dog friendly wineries in KY!

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Top Pet Friendly Wineries in Kentucky

Verona, Kentucky
Wine connoisseurs, and just plain wine lovers, will find that this pet friendly winery is very weloming to its four-legged guests. Bring your pooch with you to see what they have to offer.
Lexington, Kentucky
Who knew a winery could be so dog friendly? Come for a visit to enjoy a surprisingly delightful experience of sipping local wine selections with your four-legged family member by your side!
Lexington, Kentucky
The Chrisman Mill Winery offers the finest in wines in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. You can take any furry guy small enough to be carried into the actual store, or you can enjoy wine at the outdoor seating area with larger pups. For everyon...
Paducah, Kentucky
Wine lovers are welcome to bring their well-behaved pups! Four-legged sidekicks can join their pet parents as they experience this winery's passion for fine wines.