Pet Friendly Wineries in Tennessee

Pet Friendly Wineries in Tennessee

It doesn't get much better than spending an afternoon sipping wine and spending time with your dog! You'll get to do both when you visit a dog friendly winery in Tennessee. They welcome pooches and their pet parents in the outdoor seating areas, with many even allowing dogs inside their tasting rooms. Cheers to the dog friendly wineries in TN!

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Top Pet Friendly Wineries in Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Your four-legged sidekick is welcome to join you at this pooch-friendly winery. Savor their fine wines while getting in some quality time with your furry family member!
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Be sure to have your pooch in tow as you enjoy this dog friendly winery experience. You'll enjoy the wine and he will enjoy spending time with you!
Knoxville, Tennessee
If you're looking for a new experience to enjoy with your pooch, you've found it in this dog friendly winery. Check out their selection of unique wines, all while enjoying your furkid's company.
Clarksville, Tennessee
Critically acclaimed for the quality, variety, and consistency of their wines this winery is a great pet friendly stop for your and your pup. Though dogs are not allowed in the tasting rooms, they are allowed on the gro...