2020 Vacationers Planning Trips Based on Destination's Pet Friendly Offerings

Pet-Centric Destination Top Consideration

With a new year upon us, we anticipate a surge in pet-centric trip planning.  Including pets in travel plans is at the top of pet parents' lists in 2020.  And, they’re putting their four-legged kids' needs front and center.  According to our recent poll, 57% of pet parents plan to select their vacation destination based on how pet friendly it is.

What do pet parents consider when determining the pet-friendliness of a destination?

Pet Friendly Things to Do
It’s your pet’s vacation too!  A whopping 45% of pet parents indicated that things like beaches, attractions, breweries, parks, and other pet-welcoming activities were central to them in deeming a destination pet friendly.  Leaving their pet behind in the hotel room is not an option.  A family vacation means including the WHOLE family.

Dog Friendly Brewery

Welcoming Pet-Friendly Accommodations
Pet parents clearly want their pets to feel as welcomed at hotels just as much as they are.  Thirty-six percent of pet pampering hoomans indicated that accommodations offering special pet amenities and non-restrictive pet policies play a big part in determining where their travels will take them.  Pet potty stations, welcome gifts, pet concierge services, dog washes (for beach locales), dog parks, and simply dog treats at check-in were among the pet amenities sited.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Services
When we’re on vacation, we want to ensure all our needs are met...and pet parents feel the same about their little ones.  Twelve percent of our savvy survey takers assess the availability of pet services such as pet groomers, veterinarians, and doggie day cares when selecting where they’ll take their pet vacay. The peace of mind knowing that their pet's needs will be met while away from home is very important to ensuring a happy and safe trip.

Pet Services

Pet parents are also willing to pay more for a vacation that checks all their “pet friendly” boxes.  The happiness and comfort of their furry family member is well worth a few extra bucks!  Further, many indicated that they’d be much happier having their pet with them -- not only because they LOVE their company, but also to avoid the guilt and worry from leaving them behind. 

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