Best Places to Paddleboard With Your Pooch

Best Places to Paddleboard with Your Pooch

Paddleboarding is a great opportunity to have fun on the water while enjoying an exciting and energizing activity.  It also offers an opportunity to enjoy something new with your furkid!  Lots of dogs love watersports, and paddleboarding is another way for pooches to get exercise and fresh air while spending time with their favorite peeps.  Fortunately, there are many wonderful pet-friendly places to paddleboard across the U.S., and we’ve come up with a list of some of the best!

1. New River in Pembroke, VA
Located in Pembroke, a small town near Roanoke and Blacksburg, is the unique New River.  It's actually not "new" at all, given that it's one of the oldest rivers in the world!  Also, just as most rivers on the east coast flow north to south, this river does just the opposite.  So, while it's distinctive in many ways, the New River's Pembroke Pond area provides a special, scenic, and serene spot to paddleboard with your pup.  All of the highlights of this river's natural history and calm waters easily make it a paddleboarding pleasure.

2. Willard Beach in South Portland, ME
Willard Beach is a top spot for paddleboarding with your four-legged sidekick.  Set back in a small cove near Fisherman's Point in South Portland, the calm waters are smooth and easy for beginners to paddle on, and for those searching for a relaxing ride.  Plus, the launch point can be found in the dog-friendly section of the beach, which makes it easy for paddleboarding dogs to hop on board.  After your time on the water, don't forget to take your furkid to nearby Scratch Bakery to refuel with some homemade dog treats.

3. Skaneatles Lake in Skaneatles, NY
The placid quiet and stillness found in Skaneateles Lake make for tranquil and soothing paddleboard rides.  Located right outside of Syracuse, and included as one of Upstate New York's famous Finger Lakes, Skaneateles was a leader in embracing the stand-up paddleboard (SUP) trend.  With its beautiful scenery, places to explore around the lake area, and numerous put-in locations, this lake is notably one of the best when it comes to paddleboarding with a pooch.

4. LaJolla Shores in LaJolla, CA
It doesn't get much better than a paddleboard trip in Southern California.  And, the craggy cliffs, mild and temperate weather, and clear waters found in La Jolla make for a naturally stunning and idealistic place to paddleboard with your furkid.  Just opposite of Scripps Pier, and a quick walk south from Shore's parking lot, is where you'll find the perfect launch spot.  Beyond paddleboarding, you may find that the best part of the whole experience in La Jolla Shores is watching the local seals lay on the rocks and bask in the sun.

5. Flathead Lake in Kalispell, MT
Flathead Lake is widely known for its tranquil and crystal-clear waters, which come together to make it a delightful place for paddleboarders and their pooches to enjoy a peaceful paddleboarding experience.  Located in Kalispell, and boasting more than 200 square miles of water along with 185 miles of shoreline, Flathead Lake is bordered by the rugged Mission Mountains on its eastern shore, and the sloping Salish Mountains on the western side.  All in all, its a perfect place for paddleboarding with your pup!

6. Green River in Saluda, NC
Asheville, NC offers a lot of opportunities for exploring nature, and the Green River in nearby Saluda provides a perfect getaway place for human and furry paddleboarders.  The beautiful mountain surroundings provide a pleasing place to take half-day trips down the river, no matter what your skill level.  For beginners, and those who have pooches as their paddleboard companions, the lower level offers calm waters and scenic views.  For more experienced paddlers who don't mind leaving their pups behind, the upper level provides rapids and drops for a thrilling paddle experience.

7. Mystic River in Boston, MA
Most people don't usually think of Boston as an ideal place to paddleboard.  However, unbeknownst to many, it's a great place to go paddleboarding, especially with your dog.  The harbor is the hotspot where most paddlers head to, but for those who want to enjoy a more relaxing paddle trip, then the Mystic River might just be the top spot for you.  This seven-mile long waterway takes paddleboarders on a sightseeing trip through the heart of Boston, and it's easy to stop and visit the stores and restaurants along the way, with many of them welcoming furry clientele.

8. Florida’s Sports Coast in Pasco County, FL
The Sports Coast in Pasco County, Florida offers nature lovers plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventures.  This coastal area also includes Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater.  In the water, people and their paddleboarding pups love striding across the sparkling Gulf of Mexico.  On dry land, the Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park offers plenty of naturally sandy trails to hike and explore.  For a real treat, head to Gill Dawg to experience a waterside grill with a specialized menu just for dogs.

9. Lake Powell in Page, AZ
Paddleboarders from the southwest love Lake Powell in Page for its exceptionally rare beauty.  The stunning red rock cliffs, crystal waters, and out-of-the-ordinary horseshoe trail combine to make it one of Arizona's famed and well-known paddleboarding spots for people and their furry sidekicks.  Many find that dawn is the most breathtaking time of the day to visit, and it's recommended to use a smaller SUP to paddle around the long, narrow, and winding passages in Antelope Canyon, all while taking in the sunrise.

10. Santa Fe Lake in Augusta, KS
Santa Fe Lake, located just 10 minutes from Wichita, Kansas, is a gorgeous and calm setting, just waiting for people and their pups to explore.  The tranquil waters on the south shore provide a fairly easy route for rookie paddleboarders, but are also intriguing enough for the most experienced paddlers to enjoy.  People looking for a getaway with their pooch, to relax and spend a peaceful day outdoors, will find that Augusta's Santa Fe Lake doesn't disappoint!