Discriminating Pet Travelers: Poll Reveals their Preferences and Habits

Discriminating Pet Travelers

There are more pets than people in the U.S. In fact, Americans have more pets than ever before. Approximately 67% of American households now have at least one furry family member, which is the highest level in recorded history. Approximately 78% of them are hitting the road and skies each year with their fur babies! This growing market has made itself known and the travel industry has responded as more and more accommodations across the U.S. are rolling out the red carpet for these traveling pets and their people. To better understand the demands and habits of this booming market, TripsWithPets conducted an online survey of pet travelers and the results are in!

Hotel Habits
When it comes to planning pet travel online, over 90% of the pet parents polled indicated that they go online to browse the offerings of pet various pet-friendly accommodations. However, 10% of respondents prefer to call their "tried and true" pet-friendly hotel chain rather than book online. Another interesting tid-bit is that even given the growing number of pet-friendly accommodations, you may be surprised to find that 34% of respondents have at some point snuck their pet into accommodations during their travels. Aside from the lodging not being pet friendly, other reasons for the sneak-ins include; their pet was too big, the accommodation did not accept their type of pet, pet fee was too much extra for their pet.

Consideration of Pet Amenities
Not all pet-friendly accommodations are created equal and pet parents are well aware of this. A whopping 78% of respondents reported that they actually compare pet amenities offered by accommodations when selecting where to stay. On the top of the list of preferred amenities is pet concierge services. This may sound fancy, but what pet parents are looking for is a list of recommended pet services, pet-friendly businesses, and things to do. Other preferred pet amenities that are important include; pet potty area (30%), pet welcome gift (25%), and pet sitting (9%).

It appears that pet travelers are willing to pay for these special amenities. Over 90% of respondents would pay extra to accommodate their furkids -- with most willing to pay up to $50 per night and some actually willing to pay over $50 extra per night for their pets.

Pet Travel on The Rise
It is apparent that people love to vacation with their pets and care a great deal about accommodating them. Eighty-eight percent of respondents have stayed at a pet-friendly accommodation at least once in the past 2 years. And pet travelers aren't afraid to venture far from home. Over 68% travel anywhere from 100 to 500 miles from home.

America's love affair with their pets is evident in their habits and preferences when it comes to traveling with their furry and four-legged family members. Their mounting numbers and financial muscle is destined to continue to raise the bar when it comes to pet travel.