Do You and Your Pet Need to Be Pampered? Book a Stay at a Kimpton Boutique Hotel

Pet Friendly Kimpton Hotels

Of all the pet-friendly hotels out there, who's the pet friendliest of them all? There is much debate over this. However, we've got a real contender in Kimpton Hotels.

Kimpton's boutique hotels go the extra mile to make sure you and your pet have an experience that is everything you both wanted...and more!  They strive to make your stay the escape you didn't know you needed.

Kimpton + Pets = LOVE

When it comes to pets, Kimpton really shines! They love pet guests. The Kimpton's Pets program pretty much rolls out the red carpet for pet guests.  All of their 70 locations welcome pets and there is no pet fee or pet deposit.  That's right - pets stay FREE at all Kimpton Hotels.  But it doesn't stop there.  They welcome all pets. Their unofficial motto is, "If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in!".  There are no size, weight, kind, or breed restrictions, and no limit on the number of pets allowed. 

Pet Amenities Abound

Kimpton really shows some love with its pet amenities!  Upon check-in, dog guests will be greeted with tasty treats...and at some locations the greeter will be a four-legged Director of Pet Relations!  Your pet will enjoy a cozy, plush pet bed to snuggle in (until he decides to jump in bed with you), as well as pet bowls and a mat.

A really nice pet perk is a concierge list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers, and pet boutiques. They'll also provide you with a special door hanger to let staff and other guests know that your pet is in the room, as well as courtesy bags for walking your dog. 

A fan favorite are Kimpton's nightly wine receptions.  Pets are welcome to join the party at select hotels.  What's more, some of their locations even offer pet sitting and massage services.   

What About us Humans?

Kimpton's boutique hotels offer award-winning dining as well as a plethora of amenities for human guests!  There are WAY too many to mention, but some of the highlights include full service spa, fitness center, onsite bar, in-room yoga mats and robes, morning coffee + tea service, loaner public bikes, "Forgot It, We've Got It Amenities", and a concierge service.  And believe it or not, their Winston-Salem location, The Kimpton Cardinal Hotel, even has a bowling alley (you heard me right!).

You'll find Kimptons in from Key West to Seattle to Ontario, Canada.

Take that escape you didn't know you needed!  Book a stay with your pet at a Kimpton Hotel!