Dog Days of an Outer Banks Summer

Pet Friendly Brindley Beach Vacation RentalsIt’s 6:00 a.m., the third Saturday in July, the car is packed and filled with gas and through some miraculous intervention, everyone manages to stumble to the car ready to begin their Outer Banks family vacation. Except for Max, the half beagle, half-who-knows-what who is sleeping in the local dog hotel.

Begging the question, “Is it really a family vacation if the family pet is not a part of it?”  The fact is, the family dog probably enjoys getting away as much as everyone else . . . and when it comes to the beach, there is a good possibility Max will like it even more.

The folks at Brindley Beach Vacations know that and with 136 properties in their inventory that will welcome Max, or Daisy, or Buster, families coming to the Outer Banks should be able to find a home that fits their needs--the entire family’s needs.

Brindley Beach does charge a $200 cleaning fee, but that is certainly less that it costs to board a dog for a week--often more likely eight days. A family leaving at 6:00 a.m. isn’t going to have time to stop by the kennel on their way out of town.  It’s probably not a financial decision anyway--not in the final analysis. It’s probably much more a family decision, a decision that brings the whole family to the beach.

The property management company has some great information on their website for pet parents coming to the Outer Banks, including local vets, pet stores and town leash laws.