Dog Friendly Breweries and Your Beloved Bow Wow

Dog Friendly BreweriesLooking to kick back and enjoy a cold one with your furry sidekick?  Many breweries and bottle shops have opened their doors and hearts to people and pooches alike – so now you can find year-round dog friendly fun for both you and your pup across all 50 U.S. states.

Bottle shops are similar to craft beer breweries in that they serve a variety of beers and offer a fun and laid back environment, but they do not produce their own brews.  Instead, bottle shops sell craft brews and other beers from breweries across the country.

With hundreds of these special craft beer breweries and bottle shops to choose from, you’re sure to have several options close to home or wherever your travels take you and your pooch. Choose from our directory of dog friendly breweries and don’t forget to pack the leash and a water bowl.

Fad or For Keeps?
With the number of craft beer breweries across the U.S. doubling since 2011, there doesn’t seem to be an end to potential growth in sight.  Although millennials have initiated much of the demand, craft breweries are for connoisseurs of all ages to enjoy.  A need for quality craft beers means breweries are turning out new beers, new beer styles, and new beer flavors more frequently than ever before.

Dog Friendly Breweries

Dogs + Breweries = The Perfect Combination!
Whether you’re looking to get out and meet new people or just hang with your pup, breweries offer it all!  Rather than going alone, you can bring your pooch along with you to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere while sipping on an old favorite or a brand new brew.  Any activity with your dog is your dog’s favorite activity, so pick a brewery or bottle shop near you and bring your pooch along for some quality time.

Dog Friendly Breweries

Who’ll Let the Dogs In? 
Breweries that serve food are not allowed by law to allow dogs inside (except for service animals).  However, in most cases, they are permitted to allow dogs at outdoor seating areas - if they so choose.

What about breweries and bottle shops that don’t serve food?  It’s popular opinion that breweries and bottle shops that don’t serve food can accommodate dogs indoors. However, sometimes allowing pups inside can be a health code violation.  Because breweries typically obtain food permits similar to restaurants, they are responsible for following the same regulations when it comes to allowing dogs inside.  Penalties vary state to state, but some breweries are happy to pay the fines to keep the pups (and their people) coming back!

The love for dogs is universal, and regulation changes have been fueled by patrons and breweries who understand that the bond between people and their dogs is unbreakable. Petitions to modify existing health codes to allow pups in breweries have begun in several states, and many have already been successful in updating health codes to allow dogs inside and outside of breweries.  Dogs really are the best addition to any brewery, and people are passionate about it!

More often than not, code violations are overlooked until health departments receive complaints.  In some cases, violations are uncovered in annual inspections, but that doesn’t mean breweries can’t find ways around these laws.  Obtaining a code variance is one way breweries are taking charge so that both you and your beloved pooch can enjoy all that breweries have to offer.

Policy and regulation changes happen quickly, so be sure to visit our directory of dog friendly breweries and bottles shops to find locations that always allow pups  - whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or both!

Dog Friendly Breweries

Craft beer breweries and bottle shops have so much to offer to travelers and locals that want a way to get out and bond with their dogs, and now that you can bring your pup with you, the opportunities are endless.  Craft beer trends show no sign of slowing down, and with so many of them to choose from, you’re sure to find a quick favorite at any destination.  Breweries boast knowledgeable staff and new selections that keep beer enthusiasts on their toes, so make sure to visit your local craft breweries and show your favorites some puppy love. 

To find a dog friendly brewery in your city or wherever your travels take you, click here.

Author:  Elise Laurie
Elise is a big dog lover and marketing major at Central Washington University.  As a marketing intern at, Elise most enjoys building on her marketing knowledge and focusing on pets in the process.  She is mom to one Chihuahua mix, Sophie, and enjoys traveling with her husband and Sophie in her spare time.