Go Back in Time with Your Pooch at These Pet-Friendly Historical Walking Tours

Go Back in Time with Your Pooch at These Pet-Friendly Historical Walking Tours
Kick your pet road trip up a notch by going on a historical walking tour to learn about a place’s unique culture!  Many cities and towns have tours where you can learn more about the fascinating destination you are visiting. Check out these tours that allow you to bring your pup along, making these activities a great experience for both of you!

Skaneateles Historical Walking Tour
Skaneateles, NY
Bringing your pooch with you on this self-guided tour will take you both back in time through the historical Skaneateles Village.  You’ll also get to meander through the scenic town located on the edge of Skaneateles Lake. Experience what life was like for the village’s settlers during the 18th century by visiting the historic homes, inns, and churches.

Oliver Bentley’s Historic Dog Walk Tour
Savannah, GA
Savannah is packed with an abundance of interesting history to discover and experience! This city offers many tours to choose from, including Oliver Bentley’s Historic Dog Walk Tour. Oliver Bentley’s is a great option because it’s designed for your furkid to join you on this unforgettable experience. Explore Savannah’s Historic District where you and your four-legged sidekick will visit 22 landmarks, complete with plenty of great sniffing opportunities! This mile-long tour lasts 1½  - 2 hours, and every dog on the tour receives a goody bag of homemade dog treats!

Bulldog Walking Tours
Charleston, SC
There is so much to love about Charleston, SC, especially the amazing people, food, culture, and history!  Bulldog Walking Tours, which has been voted the best tour company in town for several years running, will guide you and your well-behaved canine through the city to experience everything Charleston has to offer.

War Eagle Cavern Tour
Rogers, AR
Explore Arkansas’s incredible War Eagle Caverns! These caverns are located right on the edge of Beaver Lake, where you can enter through the largest cavern passageway in Arkansas! These one-hour long tours will introduce you and your pup to the cavern’s fascinating formation process, along with how civilians once lived in them hundreds of years ago. If you and your pooch feel up to the challenge, try venturing into the “Lost in the Woods Maze,” another fun attraction for visitors to enjoy!

Moonshine + Whiskey History Walking Tour
Gatlinburg, TN
You and your pooch will travel back to one of the South’s most interesting periods in history when you take this self-guided tour.  Experience Tennessee’s history as it relates to whiskey, and get a sense of how this affected the citizens’ lives before, during, and after Prohibition.  Also, you’ll discover why the Smoky Mountains were so important when it came to Gatlinburg and its memorable Moonshine!  You’ll walk with your furkid by your side, and visit three distilleries that make up a portion of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail.  You’ll get to experience what a functioning distillery looks like today, as well as the full process of how they make their spirits!

Tombstone Walking Tour
Tombstone, AZ
Tombstone is one of the only authentic Western towns that’s still standing in the US!  Round up your furry partner for this one-of-a-kind walking tour where you’ll discover the town’s major landmarks, famous residents and popular pastimes.  And, you don’t want to miss Dr. Jay, the tour’s guide, who is known for making this tour very entertaining for visitors through his exciting and unique presentation style.

Historical Walking Tours will enhance your road trips, and leave you and your pup excited to learn even more about a destination’s history and culture. These experiences also give an opportunity for you to share some bonding time with your pooch, which is a perfect activity for any trip!

Author:  Beth Portnoy
Beth is a senior at Penn State Abington majoring in Corporate Communication. She is very excited to be interning with TripsWithPets because of her interest in social media and love of dogs! She has one dog, Tallulah, who is a Maltese/Terrier mix. When she is not studying or playing with her pup, you can find her with her friends and family, baking, or watching YouTube.