Looking to Purchase a Vehicle Perfect for Your Pet? Here Are Some Things to Keep In Mind

Finding a Pet-Friendly Vehicle
Traveling on the open road is always better with your pet. So, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, be sure to select one that will please your pet as much as it pleases you!  Not all vehicles are pet-friendly, so it is important to keep the following features in mind when selecting a car for your pet’s safety and comfort.

Windows that are Tinted
Tinted windows will help keep your pet cool and comfy as they reduce the amount of heat and sunlight felt from inside the car. SUV’s score points in this category since the rear tinted windows come standard in all models. With other vehicles, you will have to make a special request for tinted windows. Keep in mind that darker windows do not make your parked car a safe environment to leave a pup on a warm day.

Level Cargo Area
A level cargo floor will make it easier to load your pet’s things from crates to beds. Apart from the loading, your pet will be more comfortable lying on an even surface rather than an inclined floor. Keep your pet comfortable in the back with a cargo area with second row seats that can fold down.

Low Cargo Area
Low cargo areas are ideal for any pup, especially those who are smaller or older with mobility issues. If purchasing a vehicle with a high cargo area, you can buy a pet ramp or stairs, designed specifially for vehicles. They allow your pet to safely get from the car to the ground, and vice versa!

Rear Air Vents
Keep your pet comfy with rear air vents. This allows for good air flow and easy breathing and also maintains a nice vehicle temperature for your furkid.

Tie Downs in Cargo Area
Hold all of your rear cargo in place from baggage to crates with the cargo area tie downs. Harnessing large items will keep your pup safe while protecting your things from being damaged.

Leather or Cloth Seats?
Whether you buy a vehicle with leather or cloth seats is really up to you and your personal preference. On one hand, leather is less absorbent than cloth so it is easier to clean and does not get damaged as easily. Additionally, the pet hair does not stick to the seats as much. Keep in mind that your pet can easily scratch or damage a leather seat if it is not covered.

On the other hand, cloth is more likely to absorb the mud, dog drool, and other liquids on your car’s seat for more of a mess to clean up. The pet hair also easily sticks to seats and finds its way into the vehicle’s crevices. While the seats may be harder to clean up, your pup has more grip and is less likely to slip or slide off the seat when braking or turning. Cloth is also a comfy car material for pets with warm seats in the winter and cool seats in the summer.

With these pros and cons in mind, it is really up to you and your material preference, just make sure to keep your pup strapped in with a secured harness while riding in the back seat.

Author:  Natalie Daniels
Natalie is a senior at Elon University studying Marketing with a minor in Communications. She is excited to be interning with TripsWithPets because she gets to combine her marketing passion with cute pets. Natalie loves dogs and hopes to adopt a corgi named Ollie upon graduating college. When she isn’t studying or working, you can find her in the dance studio.

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