Lovely Lawn, Healthy Pet . . . Can You Have Both?

Lovely Lawn, Healthy Pet

It’s springtime again! That special season when friendly, charming young men show up at people’s doors to disapprove of their lawns and then offer them weeding and pesticide services.

When asked if their products are safe for pets they always say,  “Why, of course!”

It can be tempting to sign on the dotted line. Who wouldn’t want a lush, vibrant lawn? And the products are safe, right?

Unfortunately, no. 

Skin exposure to the chemicals in pesticides can cause a host of problems in pets, including swelling, irritation, and allergies. Ingesting them can cause anything from an upset stomach to vomiting and seizures. Some at-risk pets can even die. 

Even worse, research has linked some pesticide and fertilizer ingredients to cancer, liver and kidney disease, and nerve damage.

Chemical residue hangs around even after grass dries. If your pet plays, rolls, or runs around the lawn, then licks his paws or his fur, he can ingest it. Even a small amount of chemicals presents risk. Toxins can accumulate in a pet’s body over each lawn treatment, causing illness down the road. 

So, can people have a lush lawn and safe pets? 

Why, of course!

Healthy plants need less pesticides

Healthy plants start with rich, highly nutritious soil. Have your soil tested, if needed, and use organic options to build it up. Use hardy grass that’s appropriate for your location, use irrigation that works naturally with your landscape, and choose native plants for your garden. 

Choose natural options whenever possible

To kill weeds, try home remedies like sugar , vinegar, boiling hot water, and salt. In many cases these are as effective as chemical treatments. You also have the option of safe commercial products like Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer and Doctor Kirchner Weed Killer. When all else fails, you can always pull weeds by hand – it’s good exercise and good therapy!

For fertilizer, compost and raw manure are excellent go-to options. But you can also go with trusted, safe products such as Pet and Kid Safe Lawn Fertilizer and Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer.

Love your lawn, flaws and all

Yards aren’t museum artwork. They’re dynamic ecosystems that are full of life and unique character. If you can let go of your vision for a perfect lawn and love yours for what it is, you can have healthier gras s– and a healthier furkid.