New Pet Products For The Home

New Pet Products for the HomeWith nearly 80 million dogs living in households all across the country, it’s pretty safe to say that Americans consider their pets part of the family. And while pets provide plenty of companionship for their owners, being a pet parent comes with its own list of responsibilities. After all, maintaining your pet’s health, safety, and comfort throughout his life requires much attention and effort, but in the end, it’s always worth it.

This summer, and have compiled a list of pet friendly tools and toys that feature some of the very best products available. From grooming and feeding products, to innovative new toys to keep your furry friends busy and happy, you’re sure to love these new pet products for your home.

Keeping Your Pets Groomed and Well-Fed
Nothing beats a clean, good-smelling dog hanging around the house, especially on those hot summer days. If your dog enjoys cooling off in the pool, river or lake during the hot summer months, plan on picking up a professional all-steel pet dryer. With the handheld version of the larger Quick Draw Pet Dryer, you’ll easily be able to dry your dog off after a swim or a bath. Used by professional groomers, this dryer delivers a huge amount of drying power given its tiny size.

If your dog is always trying to sneak a drink from the toilet bowl, don't fret. Besides closing the toilet bowl lid, or even the bathroom door, there is a water dish that will peak your dog's interest and quench his thirst. Pick up a dog water fountain (with a cat friendly model also available) that will not only provide water on-demand for your furry companion, but will also provide a clean sanitary method to keep him hydrated.

Keeping Your Pets Safe and Busy
If you’ve got summer travel plans, or your pet stays home during the day while you’re on the go, feeding him on a schedule can be a difficult process. With an automated pet feeder, you can program the device for optimal portion control and seamless operation while you’re away. If you purchase one with a digital timer, you can program up to 12 meals/day with flexible portions, and then clean it right in the dishwasher.

If you tend to worry about your pet’s safety and comfort when you’re out of the house, you’re not alone. More than 60% of all pet owners consider their pets to be family members, so ensuring that your dog is taken care of when alone is a necessity. Having a pet monitor allows some sense of security to make sure your pet is doing well, but also using his best behaviors while you’re away.  Pick up a dog camera that is compatible with smartphones, and it can allow you to not only talk with your pooch, but also to give your dog a treat while you are away.

Toys and Cool Outdoor Products for Pets
Interactive dog training tools are all the rage these days, so if you’re looking to get your dog on board, consider picking up an automatic ball launcher.  Any dog can easily learn how to use it, and you’ll get plenty of entertainment, too!  Additionally, since the weather is getting warmer, we suggest you take advantage of a handy outdoor water fountain for your dog.  It quickly connects to any garden hose and is guaranteed to keep your dogs cool all summer long.

Doesn’t Your Dog Deserve the Best?
The next time you’re online or in the store, looking to buy a handy new product for your pets, do your best to read through the product reviews first. This way, you can be sure that what you buy will actually live up to its hype. With a little help from these imaginative products, you’ll be able to keep your dog cool, comfortable, clean and safe this summer.

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Author:  Matty Byloos,