On What Occasions Do Pet Parents Book Hotel Stays?

Pet-friendly hotel stays

Why did you book your last pet-friendly hotel stay? We posed this question to our site visitors, social media followers, and our #Road Trip members. We wanted to know what motivates folks to get out and hit the road with their dogs, cats, or other furkids.   We had over 400 respondents...and we're liking the results!

#1  Taking a vacation with pet(s) - 51%

#2  On a roadtrip and stayed at hotels along route - 33%

#3  Moving with pet(s) - 9%

#4  I've never booked a pet-friendly hotel - 6%

#5  It's been so long, I don't remember - 1%

We have some work to do on those pet parents that either don't remember the last time they book a pet-friendly hotel or have never book a pet-friendly hotel (say it isn't so!). However, we are thrilled that 84% of respondents are choosing to "roadtrip" and vacation with their four-legged family members. 

Are you ready to plan your next vacation, weekend getaway, road trip or move with your pet? Let's go!

Photo credit:  istock/damedeeso