Top 5 Moving Day Tips for Pets

Moving with Pets

It's moving day for you and your pet!  Your house is all packed up and you're waiting for the movers to arrive.  You've gone through your pre-moving day pet checklist . . . new pet ID tags - check, pet travel carrier - check, booked pet friendly hotel - check, etc.  Although pre-moving steps are essential to help ensure a stress-free move for you and your pet, you're not out of the woods yet!

Here are the top 5 moving day tips for pets:

1.  Keep Your Pet Safe and Secure
This is equally important when moving out of your old home AND moving into your new home.  With all the noise, open doors, and potential chaos involved in a physical move, it's important to make sure your pet is safe, happy, and secure.  Put your pet in a quiet and safe place.  The place you select should be a place that they are familiar and comfortable with.  This could be their pet crate (placed in an out of the way place) or perhaps a bathroom.  You need to be sure that they aren't able to escape during the move.  If you place your pet in a room, be sure to put a sign on the door alerting others to not enter.   Another great option is to have your pet stay at a friend's or relative's house, or their favorite doggy day care, on moving day.

2.  Check On Them Regularly
If your pets are at home on moving day, be sure to check in on them regularly throughout the day.  Maintain their regular routine for feeding, walks, bathroom breaks and (most importantly) loving!

3.  Familiar Surroundings at New Home
One of the best ways to help your pets become comfortable more quickly in their new home is to have their stuff in it before you introduce your dog, cat, or other furry family member into your (their) new place.  Whether it's their favorite chair, dog bed, throw rug, toys, or all of the above - surround your pet with familiar things. Be prepared with all the necessary items your pet will need from day one in your new home.

4.  Keep Your Pets On-Leash
We've heard so many tragic stories of pets running off when moving to a new home.  Pet parents need to be aware that even dogs who are excellent under voice control can become distracted very easily in a new neighborhood and surroundings.  Please keep your pet leashed or secured in a fenced yard when not in the house - at least until they have proven to you that they are comfortable in their new environment. 

5.  Better Safe than Sorry
You hate to think of this, but in the unfortunate event that your pet runs off, have a recent photo of your pet on your phone.  In addition to your pet's ID tag and microchip, a photo of your pet will also help to ensure a safe return home for your pet.

And don't forget to have calm energy.  Our pets pick up on our deep breaths.  Moving with your pet is a new adventure and a new beginning - embrace it and enjoy it with your pet!

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