Pet Friendly Travel: When Fur Flies! Frequent Flier Programs for Pets

Pet Friendly Hotels and TravelPet travel just got more friendly!  American's obsession with their pets has led more airlines to embrace dogs and cats on-board their planes. While most major airlines now allow pets, some airlines are real standouts - offering special pet programs and frequent flier miles for furry travelers and their people.

JetPaws is JetBlue's exclusive pet program. It provides pet travelers and their humans with tips, tools, and perks to help ensure a smooth trip. Members of JetBlue's frequent flier program, TrueBlue, can earn two TrueBlue points each way when traveling with their pet. JetPaws also offers pet travelers pet etiquette tips, a welcome email with helpful travel tips, and an e-booklet that includes the whats, wheres, whens and hows of jetting with your pet. They also carry a JetPaws pet travel kit and other custom pet travel products. In-cabin pet accommodations only are available at JetBlue. The cost is $100 each way.

Southwest is worth a notable mention as they are the most recent major airline to allow pets on-board. Although they don't offer a frequent flier program for pets, their rates are very pet friendly. In-cabin pet fees are only $95 each way - making Southwest Airlines the low cost winner. Plus, their reputation for excellence in customer service makes them a favorite pet friendly airline option.

So when your pet travel plans include flying, be sure to check out these pet friendly airlines!