Pet Road Trips: Survey Reveals Summer Travel Plans & Habits of Pet Parents

Pet Booster SeatPet parents of the world are gearing up to hit the open road with their dogs, cats, and other furry friends this summer.   Where are they going?  Are they staying at high-end boutique pet friendly hotels, or do they prefer a laid back, sand in the paws type vacation?  How much do they plan to spend on their pet's travel adventure?  Is it possible that they are planning their family vacation around their pet?  Well, we asked these and other questions in a recent survey and the results are in.

Find out what pet parents are up to this summer and what they do with their pets when traveling.  Some things may surprise you!

  • Getting There.  As much as pet parents absolutely adore their pets, only 26% will be using a pet seat belt, car seat, or vehicle pet barrier of some type to properly secure their pet.  Twelve percent allow their pets to travel on their laps while driving.  And a whopping 73% allow their pets to stick their heads out the car window when traveling.  Yikes! Not very safe pet travel habits.
  • Dogs.  This one shouldn't surprise you.  Overwhelmingly, people are vacationing with their dogs.  Ninety-three percent of pet travelers plan to travel with their pooch this summer.  Sorry, Fluffy!
  • Rover First.  When pet parents were asked if they are planning their trip around their pets needs and enjoyment, an astounding 67% said YES!  This just goes to show you the changing role that pets play in our lives.  They are not only family members, but apparently members with some serious clout! 
  • Surfs Up & Mountains Too.  No, it's not grandma's house in Florida or a fancy pet friendly resort in New York.  The top two summer vacation destinations are the beach and mountains. Pet parents are packing up their pooch and heading to beach towns and mountain getaways. Since Rover comes first, it only makes sense to set the GPS to the nearest beach or mountain pet friendly destination.
  • Pet Pampering.  When selecting pet friendly accommodations for summer travel,  over half of pet parents will compare the pet amenities.  The more pet welcome baskets, dog treats,  pet beds,  and doggie doors - the better! 
  • One Week.  We're not talking about a quick weekend getaway!  Almost half of the respondents plan on vacationing with their pet for a whole week. 
  • Mucho Dinero.  Pet parents plan on coughing up some serious bucks on their pet's summer travel adventure.  Between pre-travel pet gear, pet friendly accommodations, and special treats, 62% of pet parent respondents estimate they'll spend between $200-$300 on their pets.

Pets are such special family members.  It's nice to see how their humans are going above and beyond to include them and ensure they are happy in their summer travels. 

Safe travels, no heads out the window, and please buckle up those pets!