Pet Summer Travel Deals and Perks: From Pet Travel Essentials to Pet-Friendly Hotels

Pet Summer Travel Deals and Perks: From Pet Travel Essentials to Pet-Friendly Hotels

The sun is out in all of its glory and summer travel is in full swing! Pet parents are packing up their pets and hitting the road for much needed pet-friendly getaways.  To help ensure your road trip is safe, enjoyable, and easy on the pocket book, we’ve put together some fan favorite pet-friendly travel products and services. And, as a bonus, they’re offering some tail waggin' summer specials.

Ease stressful car rides with Pet CBD

Regardless of where you’re traveling or how long the journey is, CBD for pets is a go-to for many pet parents. CBD has many uses, however, helping pets to relax while traveling and prevent car sickness is at the top of the list for many pet parents. Suzie’s CBD treats are a popular choice for all fur kids. These anxiety easing treats are made with organic ingredients and contain 4 mg of locally-grown USDA Certified Organic CBD. These treats make travel much more enjoyable for animals of all temperaments, and the good news is Suzie’s is offering 20% off.

Hydration On-the-Go

From hiking and beach outings to car rides and window shopping – summer activities can really heat you up. Although it’s easy for us humans to grab a swig of water while on the road, it’s not so easy for our pets. Never fear, the AutoDog Mug is here! You’ll be hooked on this portable “water bottle” for your pet. Simply squeeze the bottle, and water fills up a small “bowl” at the top of the AutoDog Mug. Release and the remaining water returns to the bottle. It’s  BPA-free, leak-tight, and it fits perfectly in a vehicle’s cup holders. Get a free gift with the purchase of your very own AutoDog Mug.

Perks for pet-friendly hotels stays

Summer travel with your furkids means finding pet-friendly accommodations.  When you’re looking for the perfect place to stay that will welcome your whole pack, be sure to book with us! We offer a wide variety of pet-friendly options for every budget and every pet. And we’re currently offering a pawsome perk!  When you book a hotel stay of 2 or more nights, you get a free WAG Bag, FUR-real! Chock full of well deserved goodies for your pet.


Travel-friendly pet supplements

When you’re traveling about this summer with your pet, it’s important to keep the best interests of your furry family members always in mind. A fan fave to help keep your pet healthy and feelin’ good (especially when traveling) is Brutus Bone Broth On the Go. It’s inexpensive, natural, and human grade. In addition, it’s a super easy to prepare supplement with many benefits for your pup, including supporting joint and hip health. You can use it as a food additive, to reconstitute dehydrated food, or as a treat! Brutus broth is offering a special for those pet travelers out there with a 20% savings.


Safety first - “Buckle up” those fur babies

We buckle up when we hop in the car. We make sure our human family members are all buckled in as well. What about our pets? We recently polled pet parents and found that one of the most commonly used methods for securing pets in vehicles is with a pet seat belt. Seat belts for dogs can ensure your pup stays safely in the back seat while you focus on the road. The Kurgo Direct to Seatbelt Tether is a very popular, and budget friendly option. Plus, it has a universal fit for most vehicles. Click the seatbelt tether into your car’s seat belt buckle and attach the other end to your pup’s harness and you’re ready to go! It’s even more budget-friendly because it’s on sale for 20% off.

Whether you’re looking to lay in the shade, play in waves, or chill in the mountains, we hope  these fan favorite pet travel products and services help make your summer happy and safe.


Photo Credit:  istock/cynoclub