Sherpa Pet Carriers: Travel with Peace of Mind

Sherpa Pet CarriersEach year, over 25 million people travel with their pets, whether on the interstate or around the globe. But fur couldn’t always fly…comfortably, anyway. As short as 20 years ago, pets were not allowed to travel in-cabin on any airline in the United States. But thanks to a driven, pet-loving flight attendant, today’s travelers can comfortably tote their small companions just about anywhere they choose.

In the 1970’s, Gayle Martz was a flight attendant who wanted to travel with her beloved dog, “Sherpa.” After designing the first Sherpa® soft sided pet carrier in 1991, Gayle knew she had a lot of work ahead of her in changing long-standing policies that prohibited pets from traveling comfortably in-cabin. One by one, she worked with each individual airline to advocate on behalf of pet-parents like herself. Her tireless efforts creating a pivotal turning point in the way we travel with our pets today. Sherpa’s exclusive partnerships with all major airlines are now so strong that the company developed a step-by-step process to guarantee hassle-free travel with pets. Sherpa’s proprietary Guaranteed On Board™ promises air travelers that they will never to be denied in-cabin admittance due to their pet carrier, or the price of airfare and pet travel fees are refunded.

As pets continue to become an integral part of our families, they are also becoming more widely accepted in restaurants, shops, accommodations, and destinations. Now, not only do people tote pets on vacations, but they also include their pet on shopping trips, picnics, and daily errands. Pet travel accessories are becoming even more comfortable for both pets and pet-parents. Pet carriers and accessories align with fashion trends, keeping pet companionship more stylish, convenient, and discreet than ever before.

With the rise in pets accompanying travelers on daily errands, state lawmakers have taken an interest in keeping drivers and four-legged passengers safer. Whether it’s a trip to the store or a summer road trip, many states now require pets to be properly restrained while in a moving vehicle. It is important for car travelers to look for pet travel carriers that are equipped with auto safe straps to comply with these new rules for pet travel in cars.

An increasing number of cat lovers are now traveling with their feline friends, ushering a new breed of travel accessories designed for sharp claws. Carriers and cat totes created for kitty companions include things like stronger wire mesh ventilation screens and an increased number of entry panels for convenience.

Who knows just how far pet travel will go? What is certain is that America’s love for furry companions gets stronger by the day. Also, with well-behaved pets presenting new streams of revenue for the travel and hospitality industry, and pet-parents wanting to share their experiences with their pet, more businesses that encourage travel with your best friend in tow continue to be on the rise.

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