Tips for a Stress-Free Hotel Stay with Your Pet

Pet Friendly Hotels: Pet Hotel Etiquette & Helpful Tips

More and more pet parents are deciding to bring their pets along when they travel.  For many, this means staying at a pet-friendly hotel or other type of pet friendly accommodation. It's important to make sure that you and your pet are prepared. Following some simple tips will help to ensure that your hotel stay with your pet is an enjoyable one ... and that you BOTH are welcomed back!

Pick the Right Room
It's recommended to book a room on the ground floor and by an exit. This will make it much easier for you to take your pet out for bathroom breaks.

Use Designated Potty Area
Upon check-in, ask the innkeeper or front desk personnel where the designated dog potty area is.  Make sure you adhere to their rules of where to let your dog relieve himself.  And of course, always bring along poop bags and clean-up after your pet.

Tucker them Out
Be sure to exercise your pet. Exercise helps relieves anxiety, thereby making for a more calm pet.  Ask hotel personnel about the best places to walk or run your pet.

Treat the Hotel Room with Respect
This means covering any furniture and beds that your pet may be allowed on.  If the pet friendly accommodation does not allow pets on furniture, abide by their rules.

Litter Box Placement
If traveling with a cat, place their litter boxes in the bathroom. This will make clean-up much easier.

Leave them Alone?
Some pet-friendly accommodations will allow you to leave your pet alone in your room.  Our advice is not to leave your pet unattended unless necessary.  Even the best behaved pets can bark and become destructive when in new surroundings. If you must leave your pet alone, be sure that it's for a very short time. Alert the front desk or innkeeper that your pet is alone in the room and try putting on the TV or a radio to make your pet more comfortable. If your pet travels with a crate or kennel, place them in it when leaving the room. In addition, place a note on your door indicating that your pet is in the room.

Don't Leave any Pests Behind
Before leaving home be sure to give your pet a good cleaning and de-flea & de-tick them. This means a good flea and tick bath along with utilizing preventative flea and tick control. Leaving behind a stinky smell, or worse, fleas or ticks is the kind of thing that makes accommodations change their pet friendly policy. In addition, if a deposit is required, these types of things could very well prevent you from getting it back.

Accidents Happen
Even pets that have never had an "accident" indoors may do so under stress. Bring along a disinfectant as well as a rag in the event that you have to clean up after your pet. Not doing so could also cause a loss of deposit.

Keep them Leashed
To ensure that you're welcomed back, keep your pet on a leash when in common areas and avoid taking them into dining areas or other restricted areas.

Following some common sense rules will help ensure that your pet has a happy and safe trip.