Tempted to Wing It? Why You Should Book Pet-Friendly Hotels Early

Tempted to Wing It? Why You Should Book Pet-Friendly Hotels Early

Playing it by ear can lead to great things. Taking things as they come can reduce the stress of planning – and it leaves room to be spontaneous and explore. Still, there is a time and place for improvising – and booking accommodations for you and your pet is not the time to take risks.

In order to have a relaxing and fun trip with your precious pet, you really need to figure out where you’re going to stay and reserve your hotel in advance. Securing a pet-friendly place to stay ahead of time has multiple advantages that overshadow the temptation of winging it.

Getting the most for your money

Generally speaking, one of the most common reasons pet parents book accommodations in advance is to save money. Reserving your hotel in advance usually means you pay less. The longer you wait to book, the less availability there will be which equates to higher hotel room rates. Do not be surprised if the rates skyrocket after waiting until the last minute to book your pet-friendly stay. Holidays and weekends are popular for travel, which typically means higher hotel rates. Additionally, finding your pet-friendly accommodations in advance will allow you time to find the best deal.

Getting the right room for your needs

Bringing a pet on your travels likely means you have specific preferences or needs when it comes to choosing a room. Many pet parents look to book a room on the first floor. Being on the lower level makes bathroom breaks for your pet more convenient. Additionally, senior or less mobile pets prefer rooms on the ground floor. People traveling with their furkids tend to go for a room that is outside of high traffic areas like stairways or elevators to help prevent stress and barking. Note that certain hotels have a set amount of rooms specifically for guests with pets. Reserving your room in advance helps guarantee you’ll stay in a room fit for you and your precious pet. Furthermore, making early reservations ensures your room will have amenities and perks that are to your liking, as well as your four-legged companion’s.

Are YOUR pets welcome?

Keep in mind, not every hotel will allow pets. On top of that, the hotels that do welcome furkids usually have strict guidelines. Rules may include breed restrictions, pet weight or size limits, number of pets allowed, and pet fees – just to name a few. The fact of the matter is, you’ll have more trouble finding accommodations that allow your 80 pound dog and two kittens than if you’re bringing a single 12 pound terrier.

When traveling with a furry entourage, reserve your accommodations ahead of time to guarantee you’ll have a hotel that welcomes all of your pets. Booking in advance also allows you to seek out the best, or lowest, pet fees.

Vacations shouldn’t be stressful

You’re about to embark on a journey with your darling furkid. These trips are meant to be joyful, full of connection, and free from stress.

Avoiding stress whenever you can is always a good idea. Besides booking flights (if you’re flying), reserving a hotel will likely be the most crucial part of planning your trip for you and your pet. Why not put in the work now to guarantee you’ll be staying in your ideal pet-friendly place once you get to where you’re going? Leaving this up in the air creates unnecessary stress. Help out future you. Reserve your pet-friendly accommodations in advance.

Author: Lenny Kompara
Photo Credit: istock/Elena Katkova