Top Pet Adventure Social Media Groups

Top Pet Adventure Social Media Groups

Looking for the next adventure to take with your furkid? There are a lot of social media groups out there that can help. We’ve done some digging to find some of the most helpful and popular pet-centric “adventuring” online hot spots!

Kayaking With Dogs
Nothing compares to a day with your dog on a kayak! Kayaking with Dogs is for all levels of kayakers -- from first-time kayaking dogs to experts. And, for those considering taking up kayaking with your pooch, this group will share not only tips for starting out, but will even help you pick out the perfect dog-friendly kayak. Kayaking with Dogs is a great place to meetup to share adventures, kayaking tips, as well as recommendations for best places to kayak!

Hiking With Dogs
Where are the best trails for novice four-legged hikers? What trails allow dogs off-leash? What are the best practices when hiking with your dog? Hiking with Dogs will answer these questions as well as help you navigate all you need to know about hiking with your dog. Group members come together to share their best practices, favorite dog-friendly hiking destinations, recommended pet hiking gear, and lots of pics of their adventure pups!

TripsWithPets USA
If you like to “roadtrip”with your pet, then be sure to join TripsWithPets USA. This popular group invites members to share their favorite pet-friendly destinations, places to stay, and things to do. Also, the TripsWithPets team has other social groups that are focused on specific locations, such as TripsWithPets NC. In these groups, you'll find pet travel tips to help ensure your travels are happy and safe. Plus! TripsWithPets USA holds contests with chances to win prizes for both you and your pup! 

Dog Gone RVing
Nothing like heading out on the open road with your four-legged sidekick! Dog Gone RVing is for RVers who love roadtripping with their dogs. Whether you’re considering a pet-friendly RV adventure or you’ve already logged thousands of miles, this group is for you. You’ll find tips on traveling with your pet in your RV, recommendations for dog-friendly RV places to stay, and shared posts of others who have taken RV road trips with their dogs.

Paddleboarding with Dogs
Chances are, if you aren’t already paddleboarding with your dog, you're considering it. No matter what category you fall under, you’ll love this group. Share with others your paddleboard adventures and get inspired by theirs! Get tips on best practices -- discuss the pros and cons of inflatable paddleboards vs standard, best pet safety vests, favorite paddleboarding destinations, and more.