Tucker Talks with Booe Realty: Pristine Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Talkin' with Tucker - Booe RealtyWhen it comes to pet friendly accommodations, Booe Realty Vacation Rentals in Myrtle Beach, SC know how to take care of us pooches (and our people). The glorious beach, luxury pet friendly vacation homes, the Grand Strand, the spectacular beach, over 1500 restaurants, -- and did I mention the beach?!

I got together with Hope Robbins from Booe Realty Vacation Rentals to find out a little more about their amazing pet friendly vacation homes in South Carolina.

Tucker:  I normally travel with my parents and maybe a fur-sibling or two.  However, sometimes we like to bring my grandparents and some friends along.  What type of pet friendly rentals do you offer that will accommodate us?

Hope:  We offer a wide variety of pet friendly vacation rentals in downtown Myrtle Beach, SC all the way to North Myrtle Beach.  No matter how big your travel party is, we have a place for you!  Booe Realty offers pet friendly 2 bedroom condos, 6 bedroom homes -- and everything in between!  In addtion, you can choose from different types of rental locations -- oceanfront, as well as 2nd and 3rd row homes.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals - Booe Realty

Tucker:  Chasing waves is one of my favorite things to do and I've made it a life goal is to actually catch one!  I've heard great things about your beaches.  Can you tell me if us pooches are allowed on them (oh please, oh please!!)?

Hope:  Myrtle Beach is known for our spectalar beach area -- for both dogs and their humans!  Our Grand Strand boasts more than 60 miles of clean, white sand, majestic palms, emerald fairways and warm sunny days.  And yes, Tucker, you are welcome on the beach -- but there are some rules.  Dogs (on leashes) are welcome on the beaches before 9 AM and after 5 PM Memorial Day to Labor Day and anytime during the fall and winter months. You'll be able to watch the sunrise and sunset with your people (in between chasing waves).

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals - Booe Realty

Tucker:  What other things can us dogs do for fun?

Hope:  There are a number of really great dog parks to enjoy here in Myrtle Beach. One of the favorites is the Barc Park.  It has its own lake for dogs to play in, drinking water, trees, benches, and shade structures for your people. There are two separate areas -- one for small dogs and one for large dog. There are also a number ouf outdoor shopping centers so that you can accompany your people for a little retail therapy.  PLUS!  Myrtle Beach has a ton of terrific restauraunts with outdoor seating areas - which are pet friendly!

Tucker:  My parents love me more than anything in the world!  However, sometimes they venture out without me (yeah, I know - I don't get it). What kind of things can humans do for fun in the area?

Hope:  There is plenty of fun to be had here in Myrtle Beach. Spend a day at  the Family Kingdom amusement park or enjoy water sports. Go on a fishing excursion, golf, do some  shopping, see a movie or even visit Ripley's museum or aquarium!

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals - Booe RealtyTucker:  Next to chasing waves (and other things that move), relaxing with my parents is my second favorite thing to do. What are some of the amenities that await us at the vacation rentals?

Hope:  All of our pet friendly vacation rentals feature cable television and Internet access...and 6 of them offer outdoor pools!  Since our vacation rentals are individually owned, other amenities vary by property. Many properties have an outdoor barbecue so you can enjoy grilling on the deck with your people.

Talkin' with TuckerWell, Hope -- I have to admit, you had me at "pet friendly beach!" 

I  can not wait to bring my parents with me to stay at one of Booe Realty's pet friendly vacation homes and enjoy the surf and sand in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Thank you, Hope.

~ Tucker