Tucker Talks with Enchanted Mountain Retreats & Mountain Paws Cabin Rentals

Tucker Talks With Enchanted Mountain Retreats & Mountain Paws Cabin RentalsHey all you pet travelers out there - Tucker here! My hoomans just told me we’re about to start planning a new trip. I've been chasing my own tail in circles ever since I found out that we're going to be visiting the North Georgia Mountains! I did some digging and found out there are two really great vacation rental companies in that area - Enchanted Mountain Retreats in Blue Ridge, GA, and Mountain Paws Cabin Rentals just right down the road in Blairsville, GA! They offer a lot of places of all sizes, with plenty of space for me to stretch out, sniff around, and explore while we visit.

I decided to go straight to the source and get in contact with the CEO, who I found out is AnaLuisa Salvatti. I wanted to ask her how pet friendly the accommodations are at Enchanted Mountain Retreats and Mountain Paws, and what we can expect if we stay at one of their vacation rentals.

Tucker: How many vacation rentals do you have, and what sets your places apart from other places we could stay?

AnaLuisa: Well, Tucker, our goal is to help your pet parents unwind from their busy lives, by reconnecting with nature and with loved ones. We currently manage 15 properties, 14 of which welcome dogs! We serve Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Hiawassee, Morganton, Mineral Bluff, McCaysville, GA as well as Murphy and Haysville, NC. There's plenty of room in each cabin for families and their pooches. Some of our cabins feature fenced-in yards to allow pups to run around but remain safely secured.

We welcome one family dog per cabin, and an extra dog may be accepted with prior approval. Cats or other pets are not accepted, and we're sorry for that, but we are proud to welcome pooches of all types! When people and their pets come to our properties, we hope they can spend quality time together as our dog-friendly accommodations provide great opportunities to make long-lasting memories. Also, all of our vacation rentals are fully equipped with an ample setup of supplies for guests' convenience.

Tucker: Sounds "pawfect"! So, what special amenities do you offer at all your pet friendly locations, for my pet parents and me?

AnaLuisa: Our wide range of properties feature hot tubs, game rooms, patios, decks, screened-in porches, and so much more! Some properties have mountain views, are located on a river or lake, and are private and secluded.

We offer a Welcome Basket upon arrival, as a token of our appreciation. These contain snacks, natural baked treats for the pooch, frack of our special coffee blend, and a bottle of wine for special occasions or long stays.

We care very much for the safety of our guests, and we reach out to all guests to make sure all their expectations are being met. We also talk with them prior to departure in case they have a comment to make or a suggestion. In addition, our response to any emergency or assistance to our guests is immediate upon request.

Tucker: Well, it definitely sounds like the vacation rentals are "paw-some"!  But, what about things to do in the area, in case we want to get out and roam?

AnaLuisa: Great question, Tucker! The beautiful North Georgia Mountains area offers plenty of pet friendly things to do!  We have a Guest Information binder in each cabin with listings of outdoor activities, restaurants, and nearby shopping for all to enjoy.

Tucker: Wow, it sure does sound like Enchanted Mountain Retreats and Mountain Paws Cabin Rentals have a lot to offer people and their furry family members! Thank you so much for all the help, AnaLuisa!  My parents will be so excited to hear about all the options for our next trip. I can’t wait to start packing . . . I've already got my leash but where did I put that bone?